Friday, June 24, 2011

Another call!

I got another call today!  Sent 2 resumes out on Wednesday and got 2 calls.  That's 2 for 2!  The second call was less satisfying than the first call, though it was more what I was expecting.  After a short phone chat, I was scheduled for a working interview at the first place.  The second was just doing preliminary calls, would be calling back candidates later that they want to come in for a face to face interview.  Then following that they would schedule a working interview.

Hey, who am I to judge what steps should be taken?  I'm thrilled just to be called.  Means someone out there likes what they are seeing on my resume.  There aren't many new job postings out there, so I will likely send out some resumes preemptively.

I really have my fingers crossed for the first vet that called!  They see small animals and exotics, and from time to time, even horses!  How exciting is that?  Plus one of the vets there is an olympic endurance rider and the owner rides a Harley!  Scott says I should show up on my bike and that it will clinch the deal.  I guess it's worth a shot!  I'd show up on my horse if I thought it would help...:)

I'll keep you posted! 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Confidence builds

So I got a call this morning. I was pretty surprised to be hearing back from anyone so soon, I mean I just sent in my resume yesterday. Anyway, I was driving so we setup a time to talk later.

I waited anxiously by the phone...not really, we were in Sacramento reconnecting with one of Scott's school buddies, all the way back to elementary school. We went to lunch with him and his wife and Scott's nephew Andrew. The food was ok, the tri-tip sando I had was pretty tasty, but the fried things were a bit overdone, the breading really overpowered the food. We had a nice visit, then headed to Old Sac. We walked around a bit, bought some salt water taffy, then headed back to Woodland.

And the doctor called back on the way. We had a nice chat about the practice and the critters they see. Then it happened! He asked to setup a time for a working interview, so I've got that planned for Monday! Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A beautiful day!

Today was a most beautiful day. I stayed inside through most of the heat, basking in the air conditioned goodness of my abode. And now as the heat is dissipating I am out watching the ponies eat their dinner.

I walked the patch of land designated for the arena and it is almost level. A little more work and we can put the fence up and get to work. Dixie desperately needs to get back to work and I need to do something lest I blow up like a balloon with nothing to do.

On a job note, I sent in two resumes. One to a day practice, one of the doctors there is an endurance rider, I think that is what drew me in. The other is a 24 hour hospital and there are two different shift available, a week day shift and a weekend 3 day, 12 hour shifts. I wonder if I'll hear from either?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Confusion sets in

So as another day comes to a close I am struck with a deep, overwhelming confusion. What do I want to do?

I valued my time working emergency. I enjoyed the variety, the not knowing of what was going to walk through the door. It could be a trauma, a c section, a euthanasia, or an emergency check ear. But on the flip side, there's the down time. The days when nothing is coming in and I'm stuck doing janitorial work.

So do I want to transition to a day practice where the days are filled with vaccines and dentals, but I will know what to expect at the start of the day? Do I want to go back to emergency? Or do I want to find a large animal job?

Lots of soul searching to do!

Another one bites the dust

It's the end of my second day of being unemployed, and I am starting to come to terms with my situation. Part of me wants to revel in the fact that I was terribly unhappy in my previous position and was eager to leave, and another part was comfortable where I was. It was familiar. It was safe. Even if it wasn't always pretty.

But I guess what I really needed was a kick in the pants. A wakeup call to say, 'hey, why are you wasting your life here being miserable? Get out there and find that job....YOUR job!' So as unhappy as I was to get the boot, someone was looking out for me. If I hadn't left now maybe I would have been sucked into indentured servitude for the foreseeable future. Thank goodness I was spared that fate!

So I drift off into the land of slumber feeling somewhat unburdened, looking forward to the future and finding out what it has in store for me.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The morning after...

I woke up this morning in a haze. Trying to remember exactly what went down yesterday. It's a blur of disbelief, anger, resentment, and relief. There isn't a "morning after" pill for what I've been through.

My head is still reeling from the shock of being asked to leave my job of three years. Even though I'm sure it was because he wasn't willing to give the raise I would be asking for when my license came in, it's still a blow to the ego. I haven't quite picked up the pieces yet.

I have taken the first step. I applied for unemployment, the only silver lining to this cloud. It will help lift the burden of the next steps of looking for a new job. I guess this is the time to start focusing on what I really want to be doing...working with horses! This may be just the thing I needed to shake it all up and get me going in the right direction.

The journey starts now.

Here today, gone tomorrow.

I was on cloud nine. I passed my state board exam, with flying colors. This was going to open a lot of doors. I wasn't planning on staying at my current job for long. Now that I was registered it was time to move on to bigger and better things. But I wasn't expecting the cold greeting I got when I walked in to work today.

I was handed a check and said, sorry we can't keep you. What?!? Seriously? I just passed the boards, that is supposed to make me more valuable, not more expendable. Granted there are already 4 registered technicians there already.

I know that I should be happy because I really was over working there, but I had fully intended on having a job lined up before leaving. Now I am filing for unemployment and dealing with a host of emotions I had never experienced before.

I've never been fired! I've never even been reprimanded or written up, how could I possibly have been expecting this? It's hard not to feel like a failure when you are used to succeeding and leaving of your own accord. So this puts me in a new position. I will be trying to submerse myself in activities and job hunting so that I do not spiral down into a pit of self-pity. Join me on my journey if you like...